Ideal Marriage

IDEAL MARRIAGE is a deconstruction of myths, women’s roles, and societal expectations. An undoing of rules and regulations; an explosion of personal power and reinvention in response to an owner’s manual for men.
The experience of loss is also laden with beauty, and a catalyst for creativity and new beginnings. I received the divorce decree in May 2006. I sat down at my childhood home’s kitchen table and made this book straight in a two-week session in my pajamas. The original text Ideal Marriage, It’s Physiology and Technique was originally a manuscript first printed by a doctor in 1928 intended for a man entering into a marriage contract. An anachronism interwoven with images of a woman’s body, female psychology, and suggestions on how to have a successful relationship, I reworked aspects of this document into my own version of Ideal Marriage. This topic ties into my MFA thesis about the concept of hysteria, feminism, and personal identity.

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