About This Project

365 (UNTITLED) is an exploration of time, space, identity and the quotidian necessities of daily living as a mother with a toddler. One of three large scale installation paintings. Each 6×6 piece is labeled on the back with the individual’s fingerprint or footprint and a daily quote gleaned from the media. Images of unraveling string is a metaphor for unbecoming on the journey to self-awareness. The installation is adhered with magnets and can be completely rearranged by the participant.
365 individuals commissioned this piece as a community sustained art project. Each participant received a duplicate encaustic print for submitting their fingerprint to the project.
“The Self, or the atman as we call it, is a principle of identity, indivisibility and non-externality or objectivity. It is that state of consciousness or awareness which is incapable of becoming other than what it is, and incapable of being lost under any circumstance. It cannot be loved and it cannot be hated, because it is what we are.” -Swami Krishnananda
Installation shots from Sun Valley Center for the Arts.