100 DAYS

About This Project

100 DAYS is a study of time, identity and alchemy. There are 336 encaustic paintings on birch plywood with 2 magnets on the reverse side. The magnets are then used to affix the painting to a steel wall installed in six parts.
This project involved fingerprints from seven people in three states. For the duration of 100 days, between one and seven paintings were completed, including travel days missed while en route. The fingerprinting took place while visiting friends and family in Oskaloosa, Iowa; Moscow, Idaho; and Orinda, California. The fingerprint chart of each individual is included in the first section of this book.
There is also a book that accompanies the painting. This book exists as a document of the painting in three parts:

– The FBI fingerprint charts used to document the participant’s prints.
– The daily chronology of the painting’s creation. Each day, the colors used and order in which they were applied is noted. Any changes made to the original panels were also recorded.
– The color copy record of the front and back of each panel. The front side of each piece is a color copy of an encaustic painting. The reverse side (bare wood) is a color copy of the serial number of each piece. This information includes the date the painting was created, the fingerprint identity of the individual, the serial number in order of creation, and the last fragment of information that I heard on the radio while completing the panel.

The following people participated with their identity -Lindsey Bergren, Marco Steinberg, Jenny Bergren, Elaine Beck, Ransom Bailey and Hannah DeGeest.
MFA Thesis Exhibition at Vermont College of Fine Art.

Book Arts, Installation, Paintings