a New Perspective

a New Perspective

It’s time.

Releasing this website is a project that is way overdue and needs to be pushed out into the world. The last several years were focused on helping my daughter take flight from the nest, my career, and a few fated intimate relationships. I looked up at the night stars this summer, wondering where my own inner light and compass had gone. I realized that I was kind of …. apathetic.

In the present moment, I am building a fire. Setting the kindling just so and holding a match to a piece of paper and seeing if the flame takes. The world is in so much chaos as we shed our shadow energy and in this process, we are collectively being called back into our authentic selves. It looks like a fish tank getting cleaned—you mix up the water and all that gross detritus needs to come out from the rocks before the water can become fresh and clear. As such, humanity is in the process of burning off the concepts that we blindly accepted. The fire I am lighting is my own inner core power and strength as I find my way through it. I’m alchemizing the addiction, codependency, negative self-talk, body dysmorphia, stories of lack into a new narrative of joy, beauty, boundaries, acceptance, and abundance.

This June of 2021 I decided I would do a few updates to my house. My daughter had been living in the garage the past two years and so if I wanted my art studio back, there would be massive amounts of organizing in all spaces. My house is very small and old. Anyway, that small project turned into a ginormous project and in the process, I had to move out for two months but I got rid of 3 storage units full of things and had a huge garage sale liquidating my Airbnb business.

Why is this relevant? Marie Kondo’s process revealed to me that everything sparked joy—and that I was probably a hoarder. I had a startling thought that my limiting beliefs around scarcity were just a generational story. It was not really me. And when I saw that, I could easily let go and focus on what serves me now. As I finished the remodel (which ended up being the damn entire house) I began to see more of my limiting beliefs around other areas of my life. I only moved a bed, table, and chairs into the house—it was so peaceful and simple. I decided only to bring something into my house if I had a place for it.

I’m still in the process. In fact, the basement needs some updates, carpet, better lighting, and shelves to be able to maximize that space so I can get the remainder of the stuff out of my art studio. Then, I will lovingly go through all of my supplies, and Marie Kondo the heck out of that space, too.

I’m going to make art again. It’s going to be great.

And if you aren’t familiar with Marie Kondo, this is for you: KonMari Method™

It’s like cleaning a fishbowl. All that yucky stuff comes up from the bottom and pollutes the water but eventually, you get it all out and the water can run clean again.

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